Sports Nutrition

My Philosophy

Deep nutrition is the fundamental basis for long term health and high performance. My initial consultation looks at the key principles and cornerstones of functional health. We will explore the quality of food you eat, the times you eat, your food ratios, metabolic type, baseline levels of key micro nutrients, gut health etc. By putting a solid foundation in place, we can then bring our sports specific nutritional protocol in, underpinned by base nutrition. <br />
My approach is that many of the fundamental principles hold true for all athletes and sports people, but that there are differences that need to be adjusted based on food intolerances, dietary preferences, lifestyle, work habits, goals, training schedule, specificity of sport in question etc

Key Benefits:

  • Improved overall performance & consistency
  • Mental clarity and focus
  • Faster recovery from sessions
  • Longevity in sport
  • Enhance immunity
  • Major boost to strength, power and endurance goals

EXACT Sports Nutrition Protocol :

  • Initial consultation focuses on deep health principles and comprehensively finding out where client is in relation to nutrition.
  • Dietary/lifestyle recommendations inc Meal Plans, shopping, supplement recommendations
  • Tracking of sleep, daily food intake, training schedule for 2 weeks and final adjustments made accordingly
  • Outcome – Athlete now has a very clear nutrition plan that will optimise health and performance both now and into the future.