About Us


About our Company

EXACT Health & Performance is owned & run by Jerry Coffey, BSc Health & Fitness, NMT Neuromuscular Therapist, He is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Functional Nutritionist and a specialist in Strength & Conditioning.

Jerry has extensive experience in both the field of health as it relates to optimising well-being and also in the area of elite level sports performance.
My philosophy has been developed through years of asking hard questions, finding the best people in the world in that particular area, identifying the truth with all its complexities and relaying it to my clients in a way that makes real sense.

Why choose Exact Health & Performance?

I have personally trained countless clients in improving health and overall vitality; I have trained athletes in their quest of achieving their own level of high performance, from a professional MMA fighter to the weekend warrior, all want results and be the best they can be. I have trained track sprinters, high jumpers, triathletes , golfers, martial artists etc.
I have also trained many teams from football, soccer, rugby, rowing and basketball


I have a Bachelors Degree in Health & Fitness from IT Tralee; I’ve completed courses in Neuromuscular Therapy and Sports Massage, Nutritional therapy, Sports Nutrition & GP Exercise Prescription.
I have studied extensively in all areas pertaining to health, nutrition, psychology, personal development & Sport. I have attended countless workshops and seminars, read innumerable books and articles to improve my knowledge and understanding of these incredible humanistic topics.

Sporting Background

Played senior club football for Laune Rangers, represented my county for 2 years at minor level and 3 years at u21. I also played 2 years for the Sigerson cup team in IT Tralee.
I have represented my county in soccer at underage level, also playing to Munster schools level and attaining Ireland trials and an Aston Villa scouting session.
I have also competed in Rugby, Golf and Thai Boxing at different stages on sporting journey.
I have also trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Tennis, Weightlifting, Powerlifting etc etc.

Our Progress

My sporting background above has helped me massively understand this amazing human machine; it has given me a unique understanding and insight of how it all works from a holistic stand point.  I continue to learn, understand, participate and strive forward in the hope of helping to create a framework of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual wellbeing for all and ultimately optimising performance of the human body whether that be for sport or a fulfilled life. .